Awards & Recognition

Rice House has been featured on TV, on the radio, and in numerous print publications across the St. Louis region. Following are some of the press and recognition we've received from the community.


St. Louis Magazine
“Rice House Reinvents the Chop Suey Shack”

An article published in St. Louis Magazine describes Rice House as a place where diners can enjoy fast Chinese food with a modern twist.

The article goes to discuss some of Rice House’s best Chinese dishes and the innovative twists Owner and Restaurateur Kenny Truong has put on the menu. Probably the most noteworthy mash-up is Philly Cheesesteak Wontons. Truong joins ground ribeye, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, Cajun spices, and garlic into a filling for the wontons, and serves the deep-fried pockets with cheese dipping sauce.

His Green Gumbo is a soul food/Cajun mash-up made with turkey, sausage, and collard greens. It’s super-hearty, spicy, and surprisingly tasty, considering that there seems to little ethnic overlap with either of those cuisines.

The Rice House is also proud of its fried rice which comes in 20 different combinations like “Breakfast Fried Rice” with generous pieces of applewood smoked bacon, ham, and scrambled eggs, “Jambalaya Fried Rice,” and “Barbecue Rib-Tip Fried Rice.”

Other best Chinese dishes that the Rice House is known for are their St. Paul sandwiches that are almost double in size. From the "Bacon-Ator" to "Plain," there is sure to be an option for the choosiest of tastes.

If you’re in the mood for hot and spicy, try the "Jerk Chicken" or the “Angry Bird” with jumbo chicken, jalapenos, and Cajun spices served on Texas toast with a slice of Muenster cheese.

Customers can also add upgrades or jumbo-size sandwhiches.

Owner, Kenny Truong, enjoys coming up with creative ideas and gets inspiration from the Food Network. “I’m a foodie,” he said, “and I’m having fun.”

angry bird st. paul

Fox 2 News

La’Shay Simpson and Kenny Truong visit Kim Hudson on Fox 2 News in the morning to showcase some of their most popular and best Chinese dishes served at the restaurant. From lo mein and fried rice to St. Paul sandwiches, they present several options.

Unlike many Chinese restaurants, dessert is not an afterthought at the Rice House. Kenny shows the popular “Strawberry Cheesecake Rangoon” that he introduced during the Annual Taste of St. Louis festival. In this dish, strawberries, shortcake, and cream cheese are nestled into pouches that are deep fried and topped with powdered sugar. After they were a hit at the festival, Kenny incorporated them into his menu.

In another show, Kenny shows Tim Ezell how to make Rice House’s “Philly Cheesecake Wontons” and presents their St. Paul Sandwiches, semi-sweet crab Rangoon, and fried rice.

In addition, Kenny tells Tim about the inspiration behind the recipes.

best chinese dishes

Other Recognitions

Rice House has also been featured in Deluxe Magazine, the Florissant Patch, and Fox Magazine as well as on PBS and the Power Radio Station.

They are out and about in St. Louis at various events throughout the year.

"Rice House is not your average Chinese restaurant. They have a diverse menu, and their food is always hot and fresh. Furthermore, they have awesome customer service. I highly recommend them!"